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Slumber Party

Getting ready for a fun night at Mademoiselle Fitness Center on March 2! They’re having a slumber party — an all-night get-together for club members, with activities, snacks, a movie, and lots of girl-talk.

They had one last year, and it was so much fun! Someone brought a Wii, and we played with the dance program. Of course, we were laughing so hard when we messed up that we messed up even more, but we all enjoyed it. Some lounged in the hot tub or sauna, while others worked out on the exercise machines. One of the instructors led a Zumba class during the festivities. At the end of the party, we spread our sleeping bags on the exercise floor and watched “Phantom of the Opera. Well, at least SOME of us watched the whole movie — others could be heard snoring softly after the first half-hour or so.

The event was over at 6 a.m. It was so much fun that I’m looking forward to this year’s party!

Several of the ladies have purchased items from Clay Harmony, so I asked the owner if I could bring some things to sell during the slumber party. She said I could, so I’ll have quite a few of my popular polymer clay covered pens for sale, as well as key rings and a few other items.

UPDATE: The party was postponed until March 30. More time to make pens! LOL….

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