Branching Out

September 21, 2013

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I’ve added a new “product line” at my craft shows – earrings! They’re inexpensive and so much fun to make. And they’re guaranteed to be something unique that’s not available at the mall. Each pair is slightly different (except for the little basketball and soccer ball post earrings). They all have either sterling silver or gold-plated earwires, and the post earrings have surgical steel posts.

I had this fabulous bronze display carousel that’s perfect for showing off quite a number of earrings, so it now has a prominent place on my table at craft shows. I think I’m getting addicted to making them, so look out for new designs at a craft show near you this holiday season!

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Fun with Mosaics

August 25, 2013
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Even as a child, I’ve been fascinated by mosaics, and have recently discovered that it’s easy (although time-consuming) to create that effect with polymer clay. I always say that faux techniques can make the clay look like anything, and mosaics are no exception. The vase featured in this post was designed with five colors of […]

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Special Event – Classes at the Library!

June 5, 2013
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This Saturday, June 8, I will be teaching two classes on making the extremely popular European-style beads (disregard the price on the flyer – the library classes are free). These are the big-hole beads with the silver cores (grommets) lining the center opening, usually strung on snake chain bracelets or necklaces, but they also look really […]

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Back into the Swing of Things

February 12, 2013
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I’ve been so negligent in updating this blog – doing three craft shows back-to-back last December (and getting ready for them for some time before that) sort of threw me off-schedule! But things are getting back to normal now – I’m back to teaching more (see upcoming classes in the sidebar), and have only a […]

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Light-Bulb Moment

August 8, 2012
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I happened upon a polymer clay tutorial the other day that blew me away – someone sketched an elephant on paper and then created a cane from it. It was in Russian, but the photos told the story even without translation. From one of the photos, the cane looked to be about 4″x7″. That’s a […]

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