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Indulge Your Creativity with Polymer Clay!

Would you like to learn more about polymer clay? 

Like the things you see on the Clay Harmony website and wonder how they’re made? 

Wish you could do some of those things? 

If so, you are welcome to schedule an introductory polymer clay class, where you will get hands-on experience with this extremely versatile art medium that’s newbie-friendly and fun – some would even call it “addicting”!

Classes are small – one or two people – and are held at my home in Bajo Boquete. In the first class, you will learn how to manipulate the clay to make several basic shapes and patterns, including a lovely leaf design.

All clay and tools are provided, and the class lasts about two hours. The cost is $25 per person.

So come, bring a friend, and discover how amazingly easy it is to create polymer clay masterpieces for yourself!