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More is Better!

table2No sooner than I had added storage space to my work area, I decided it wasn’t enough! So back I went to the hardware store to buy another large storage bin. I’m moving the original storage unit (at the bottom left in the previous post’s photo) to my jewelry assembly table that lives in another room, to store more tools and supplies in.

My house is so small that I can’t put all my craft things in one place — I have to tuck them into whatever corner is available. Sometimes that makes for some trekking from one room to another, but it works well most of the time.

At least the entire spectrum of clay colors is within easy reach now — and most importantly, my table isn’t constantly covered with bits and pieces of clay left over from previous projects. I have a few empty drawers left, but you know how that goes — things tend to expand to fill up the available space! But that won’t be for quite awhile, I think…

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