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Light-Bulb Moment

elephantI happened upon a polymer clay tutorial the other day that blew me away – someone sketched an elephant on paper and then created a cane from it. It was in Russian, but the photos told the story even without translation.

From one of the photos, the cane looked to be about 4″x7″. That’s a BIG cane, but the detail was awesome! Of course, it will be reduced to a much smaller size to be used in projects, but the simple method of constructing a complex image was what got my attention.

And of course, it gave me some ideas, too. Seeing that tutorial was the spark for one of those forehead-smacking moments where I wondered, “Why on earth didn’t I think of it before?” I love it when that happens!

When I get a chance to experiment with my idea, I’ll share the results with you. Until then, come have fun with us in my classes! The latest schedule is in the right sidebar. Hope to see you soon!

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  • Sure, Renee – I’ll definitely be in touch! In the meantime, you can subscribe to my Clay Harmony newsletter, where I post tidbits about polymer clay, point to some great “eye candy” from other artists, and list upcoming classes. The button is in the right sidebar on this page. See you soon!

  • Good morning Myra, met u at the MDO Merry Mart Friday, I had the western accessories booth across from u. I would like to be included in the next CLAY HARMONY class after the Holidays, would u please send me an invitation/reminder? Sounds like a great way to expand my craft show products, looking forward to hearing from u. Renee

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