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Fun with Mosaics

mosaic vaseEven as a child, I’ve been fascinated by mosaics, and have recently discovered that it’s easy (although time-consuming) to create that effect with polymer clay. I always say that faux techniques can make the clay look like anything, and mosaics are no exception.

The vase featured in this post was designed with five colors of metallic clay – bronze, copper, gold, 18K gold, and silver. After “grouting” with black clay and cured (baked), this piece was thoroughly sanded and finished with a spray-on coating to give it a little extra shine. It not only looks good, the satiny-smooth finish feels good!

This vase is offered for sale in my new online shop, along with other finished items. More goodies of all types will be added over the next few weeks, so check out the shop periodically for new arrivals!

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