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Don’t Miss the Arts & Crafts Market!

Clay Harmony, along with my friend Ruth from RL Originals, will be at the arts & crafts show at Messiah Lutheran Church on December 10-11, 2011. The church is located on the southeast corner of NW Expressway and Portland, at 3600 NW Expressway. Times are as follows:

Saturday, December 10 — 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, December 11 — 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Clay Harmony will showcase a variety of jewelry, pottery and home decor items, along with one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments and stocking-stuffer goodies. Come by and sign up for a chance to win a necklace and earring set made just for you in your choice of colors (a $29 value)!

Ruth will be featuring her gorgeous jewelry made from a delightful blend of gemstones, crystals and beads. Her original designs are lush and elegant, and they will make you the belle of any ball you choose to attend!


What’s an Etsy Treasury?

The online store where my polymer clay items are displayed (accessible by clicking on a photo in the right sidebar) is powered by Etsy. People post their items for sale on Etsy, and others can pick a group of items with a particular theme and feature them in their shop. Who knows, maybe artists I feature will return the favor and showcase some of my items one day!

These groups of featured items are called “treasuries,” and I just now created my first one. The title is “Summertime Flowers in Oklahoma” to celebrate the official start of summer today, and it features fellow Oklahoma artists’ interpretation of flowers and leaves in all sorts of different media.



Father’s Day Pens

pensFor a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift, why not give him something uniquely his own that’s useful throughout the year? Clay Harmony has polymer clay covered pens with patterns and color combinations to suit any taste. The dark pen in the photo (third from left) even has a basketball decorating the end of it — GO THUNDER!

Some of these pens were created by Ruth, who started making them to accommodate a particular need that she had. I’ll let her tell you about it in her own words:

When I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that limited my motor skills and ability to grip, I had to use medical adaptive devices that were ugly and embarrassing because they called additional attention to me as I performed basic life skills like eating, writing, or turning a key in a lock. It was frustrating, and I cried a lot back then.

I could build up a pen by wrapping material around it to make it big enough for me to hold, but it was still ugly! So when I started working with polymer clay, I began making larger pens that were stylish and colorful. I wanted to be seen as “normal” and not stand out as being different. Having people notice my limitations in such an obvious way impeded my healing — not the physical part, but the emotional aspect.

I made my first pen just for myself, but once I made it, I saw how it could help so many others with similar challenges. They can be made as large as necessary, to fit the person’s individual need.

Not only are Ruth’s pens beautiful, they are functional and fulfill a need for people with injuries, arthritis, or numbness in the hands from diabetes or other medical conditions. But they’re also just fun to hold for anyone! We also offer smaller pens for those who like a sleeker look and feel.

PS: Ruth also makes gorgeous jewelry — check out her new website at RL Originals!


Happy Easter!

Photos of the polymer clay Easter eggs on display at our store in Showplace Market.


Polymer Clay Play Day

Our polymer clay guild had an all-day retreat on Saturday. About 10 of us took over the house of our gracious hostess and worked on individual projects, watched demos on different techniques, and enjoyed snacks and too much food. We met new friends and got better acquainted with each other, and were just generally entertained and energized by the whole event.

Thanks to Penni Jo, our hostess, for all her hard work in putting this retreat together. Looking forward to the next one!